Monday, May 4, 2009

Walk-man is SO big

Walker is 7 months old! And taking those cute little photos where he sits perfectly still is becoming more interesting each month. Now he likes to grab everything around him and flip and whip around until he gets exactly what he wants. Did I mention that he has the sniper crawl figured out? It's now almost impossible to keep him in one place.

Walker had another milestone this weekend when I walked into his room to see him standing straight up on the side of the crib. He pulled himself up and scared me to death! So my mom and I spent the next hour figuring out how to lower the mattress (Matt was out of town).
Walker was so funny when he fell asleep as Matt was feeding him dinner one night. Midway through the sweet potatoes, he just drifted off to sleep. I mean, I've been tired before, but I've never fallen alseep during dinner!
We went to Noah's baseball game while we were in Deltona for his bday party.
And finally it was time for the pool party!
Walker loved the water from the first second we put him in.

There's Walker's 2nd mom for the weekend, Kaylie!
Connor and Noah are quite the wise guys when they are together. Noah is obsessed with NASCAR and Connor likes to imitate the way we all walk (he basically says everyone walks like an old person).
I had a blast as Jill's date at the Taylor Swift concert. Another friend Jen went with us too and we danced and sang all night (along with about 12,000 little girls). My nieces were very jealous that I was going to the concert. Then, around 10:30 we left because we were so tired! Guess we're not quite as young as we used to be. :)
Jenna graduated from JU this past weekend, so I went to her graduation and we celebrated afterwards at Clark's Fish Camp.