Monday, December 7, 2009

Catching Up

So, it hasn't been as long between blog postings this time, but it's still been more than a month. Our camera actually broke, so it's been a little hard to take new pics of the Walkman. He's now 14 months old and is a chatty little man. He has more than 50 words now! We are amazed every day by the new words he says...words we had no idea he even knew. It's so fun! His favorite things to do these days include going outside to play (he calls it "side") and dancing (he actually says "dance"). When he wakes up in the morning, the first things he says are either "what's that?"--while pointing to something random in the room--or "dance"--then he starts dancing. It's so cute and funny!

Back in October, which seems like such a long time ago, Walker was Superman for Halloween. He looked adorable in his costume. Unfortunately, it was really hot here at that time, so he wasn't able to wear the costume for very long. Otherwise, he was sweating and getting upset, which I couldn't blame him for. I hate being hot too! He was so friendly while he was trick-or-treating. We would walk up to each house and he would wave at the people and smile and act very sweet and cute. He got lots of candy for that!

We had a great Thanksgiving and got to celebrate it three different times. Walker loves him some turkey, but his favorite things were mashed potatoes and angel biscuits, which Jamma made. Other than that, we are getting ready for Christmas. We've finally put up and decorated our tree (so maybe the tree was up for almost a week before we put ornaments on it--go figure!). We have a few decorations out, but we have limited those due to Walker's busy little hands. He likes to touch everything, so it's just easier to go with less stuff around the house. As soon as we have some more pics, we'll post 'em!