Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Wilbanks' Family!
We had a great first Christmas with Walker. We went to all 3 of the grandparents' houses and celebrated with lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. It was also very special to be home for Christmas this year, for the first time in 2 years. It meant a lot to us to get to see everyone.

Happy 3 Months for Walker (on Christmas Eve)!
Our family on Christmas day ... the Wilbanks' family got a Wii and we had a blast playing together. I am the master bowler. I currently hold the record with a score of 221. YES! I was good at boxing for about 5 minutes, until Janet and Chris both knocked me out.
My little man is looking so LONG these days. Walker is a big boy! He weighs almost 13 pounds now (we found out because we went to the doctor with a cold, but he is fine). He laughed aloud for the first time last week, which was hilarious. He is quite ticklish!
Walker loves to swing now. He falls alseep in the swing and he can reach out and touch the little plastic animals. He is so much fun to play with!
Walker is so funny holding his hands together. He has found all kinds of new uses for those little hands, including batting at his toys and grabbing mommy's hair!
Here's his cute little velor "Baby's 1st Christmas" ensemble, which he covered in spit-up in about 3 minutes flat. He likes to spit up on whoever holds him these days.
It was probably a little too hot for his Christmas clothes, but we had to put him in them. It was almost 80 degrees on Christmas day, which was ridiculous!
Walker is always so fun when he's getting a diaper change! This is him in between Christmas outfits. He spit up all over one, so we moved on to the next.
Kirra told me, "I love you(r) baby!" and she wanted to hug and hold him, which made for an adorable pic of the two of them.
Cousin Sydney finally got to meet little Walker for the first time. She was so excited!
Kirra rocked a very sassy Christmas outfit, including fancy patent leather lace-up boots.
Kirra got a microphone for Christmas, which is so fun!! She sang "America the Beautiful" and "Jingle Bells" for all of us. She wasn't a bit shy either.
All the Walker grandkids: Brandon, Chelsea, Walker, Kenzi, Sydney, Kirra and Nicholas
I think there are 16 of us now on the Walker side of the family.
Walker with Aunt Julie, Mommy, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Kyle
(and Belle and Mei-mei, of course)
Kaylie provides excellent entertainment for Walker
My mom (Granny) with all her grandkids: Tyler, Noah, Walker, Kaylie and Connor
The weather in Deland was so warm, I really think we could have gone swimming in my sister's pool.


Lori W said...

so cute! can't wait to meet him!...
and just the mental picture of Janet Wilbanks boxing with the Wii made me almost fall out of my chair in giggles...xo

The Black Family said...

Wow! He just gets cuter and cuter! I'm so glad you had a great Christmas with Walker. We had a great time here - even though we weren't with family, it was still a sweet time. Nate would be happy to challenge all of you on the Wii - he got one for his birthday and oh my! He got Rock Band2 for Christmas and that is a whole experience beyond explanation itself!

We love and miss you guys. You are prayed for regularly!!!
The Blacks

AWaddill said...

Looks like the Wilbanks family had a great Christmas! Walker is adorable and getting big!


Yyyaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! So Adorable! I'm so glad I got to see you guys while we were in town! Thank you for planning my B-day surprise! I love you so much and can't wait to see you guys again! :0) Take care of that lil man now!