Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summer Vacation

At the end of the summer, we spent a week in Orlando with the Wilbanks' family and enjoyed a fun and relaxing week together. We slept in, hung around in our pj's, ate really good food and eventually made it to the rec center and the pool. We also did some shopping and took Walker on his first trip to Sea World. He loved it! He absolutely loved looking at the fish. It was the first time we noticed him waving to random people and trying to catch their attention and talk to them. It was definitely cute.

Walker was fearless in the kiddy pool. I know I've said it before, but the boy loves water!
He also loves Uncle Kyle! Seriously, he gets mad when Kyle leaves the room.
the fam at Sea World
Poor Papa John...I don't think he minded it, though. And did I mention that the whole week was "Papa John week" for Walker? He wouldn't pay attention to anyone else.
There's my cute little man with his big 'ole teeth! He has 8 of those big teeth.

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Karen said...

walk man is the cutest thing ever! we may have to set up a pre-arrange marriage!