Monday, July 7, 2008

St. Augustine Escape

This week we traveled to St. Augustine for an overnight stay on the beach to celebrate our six-year anniversary. It's really hard to believe it's been six years...not to mention the fact that our 10-year high school reunion is coming up next month.

It was so much fun getting to go on a short trip where we swam and walked on the beach, ate delicious seafood and saw two new movies. It was also shocking to walk on the beach on a day that wasn't unbearably hot and look down to see my hands huge and swollen...gross! Matt called my fingers sausages. Isn't that sweet?

Pregnancy in the summer in Florida is really all about water retention and swelling of certain body parts, like hands and feet. Currently, my right foot stays swollen most of the time. So cute, I know!

I just look at myself some days and can hardly believe the size of my tummy! It's such a science experiment. It's so much fun, though. I just have to laugh when I hear people call it a beach ball or when people tell me Walker is going to be a football player when he comes out (you know Matt would prefer he were tall like a basketball player). All I know is that we are so excited...we can't wait to meet the little guy!


Julie said...

James, you look so beautiful in these pictures! So glad you two got some time away. We can't wait to meet our Walkman!

aunt julie and uncle chris
(still getting used to that!!!)

Lori W said...

SIX YEARS! Holy cow, I am getting old! :) You both look great and I can't wait to meet the WOWster...hopefully we'll get a Wilbanks reunion together before all the kids are 18~
Love you guys!
Lori (Cousin Lori? CUZLor? Lori the cuz? ):)

Pops and KK said...

Congrats on six years. You all three look wonderful!

The Wilbanks said...

Hi!!! Ok... I was looking at your registry and I have a tons of suggestions for you!!! First of all, you don't have enough! :) Andy and I are going to call you guys this week and chat about stuff that has been really helpful to us. In the meantime.. you can still get to my registry so go and copy what you would like!!! I had help from a friend as well.. We love y'all.

Karen said...

Walker's room is too presh! and I love all the pics of your growing belly.