Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chillin' in Costa Rica

Matt just returned this week from his travels in Costa Rica over the last two weeks. During the first week, he was on vacation with his dad, Pastor Ron and Ron's family. They surfed, fished, relaxed at the beach and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and delicious seafood. The next week, they led a group of college students from MWay on a trip to the Nicoya region where they connected with a local church and helped with many of the ministries and outreach in the local community.

Here are pics of Matt catching some big fish with Ron, Brett and Papa John. The water and scenery in Costa are amazing. And the people are so friendly and welcoming. The people at the church where they worked are so kind. It's obvious how much they love the Lord and are really trying to reach their community with His love.

While Matt was gone, Walker certainly became more and more active! Jamie went to GA/Acteens camp in central Florida for a week to teach the girls about Ethiopia. Camp was a blast! During that time, Walker started kicking even more. Now we can feel little body parts sticking out in my belly. Sometimes it feels like there's a foot or an arm poking's so funny and cute!

We are gearing up since we have only eight weeks left. It's so exciting! We have a few showers coming in in the next several weeks and we can't wait to see what fun items we get for Walker. We are also working on finishing his room, so we'll post more photos soon once we've done a little more.

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Karen said...

great costa rica pics!
but....I think we need a new belly pic ;) Hope you're feeling good these last few weeks. We miss you two at community group last night. See you on Sunday! Shower day!