Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Showers

We are so excited that we've been able to celebrate this special time with our friends and family. These are some photos from a couple of our showers. I was SO excited that several of my friends traveled from far away to come to a shower, especially my friend Sarah who came all the way from Oklahoma (and she took many of these great shower pics)! It was such a special surprise to see her!

We love that everyone has been incorporating Walker's name at the showers. The cakes have been so beautiful (and yummy!). And Walker is going to be quite a stylish little guy. We are trying to decide what special clothes he will wear home from the hospital. It's so fun looking at all the tiny outfits...they are just adorable!

Some of the funniest gifts we have received include a onesie that says "Arrghh...wipe me booty!" (with a pirate flag on it) and another one that has a tie (like a man's tie) on it. Some of the sweetest gifts have been handmade blankets. So soft!

We attended our first childbirth class last week, which was actually very educational. Most of the information we have already read about, but it was good to learn a few new things. Watching the video of the live birth was a little disturbing for both of us and did not in any way promote a natural childbirth! I think we were all a bit traumatized in watching this lady give birth to an 8-pounder.

Hope you are laughing at how large my belly is getting these days! I know it looks like I'm about to pop, but I still have about 5 weeks to go. Our dr. says everything looks good and on track, so we're thankful Walker is a healthy boy, now more than 5 lb. I keep praying for the due date to move up, but he's holding steady at Sept. 26. We just can't wait to meet little Walker! We are so blessed to know that so many people already love him. Hopefully he will make his big appearance soon!

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bananda said...

Aw! I know you two can't wait til he arrives! You're such a cute pregnant lady.

It was SO good to see you two at the reunion! I'll be praying for the next month to go by quickly for you :)

I know you'll be slightly preoccupied but please keep the blog going! I can't wait to see little Walker.

Amanda Watson