Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heading Home

We had a long final day at the hospital waiting for Walker to be discharged, but we were so thankful and happy once we were finally able to bring him home! Papa John was there to help us get Walker and all of our stuff down to the car for his first car ride. We were also excited to get to go through Labor and Delivery to say thank you to the sweet nurses who took such good care of us on delivery day.

Here's our last day in the NICU. We couldn't wait to show Walker his new home!

Here's Papa John pulling Walker in the wagon.

This one is from Walker's "trial" in the carseat. His NICU nurse Michelle needed him to sit in his carseat for 90 minutes to make sure he could breath well. He mostly just slept the whole time.

Walker slept the whole way home (that's all of 5 minutes).
Here's dad taking him out of the car. You should have seen us trying to figure out how to put the carseat securely in the car for the first time. It was quite the ordeal!
Dad read him his first book soon after we arrived at home. Walker, of course, slept through it.
Dad and Walker like to take naps together. Being a new parent is fun and a whole lot of work too!

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Darling said...

Oh my gooooooodness! Cutest little baby ever! So good to see these new pics and updates!