Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Little Sleeper

Every day is certainly new and fun having a new little guy in the house. We are having a blast getting to know him and watching him grow. There are days when he sleeps and sleeps (which we sometimes wish he would do at night!), and we can't help taking pictures of his adorable expressions.
We recently welcomed our dogs, Belle and Mei-mei, back home. So far, they love Walker. They have been very curious and yet very gentle with him. They mostly just stare at him and sniff him a lot when he's in his swing or bouncer. Belle gives him a crazy look when he cries (she doesn't like repetitive sounds).
Love the hand prop. Walker loves to have at least one hand near his face while he is sleeping.
And also when he's eating. Here he's apparently throwing up some kind of gang sign while Daddy's giving him a bottle.
Now he looks like he's holding on for dear life while sleeping and dreaming. He also makes the cutest and sweetest sounds while he is sleeping. While he sometimes sounds like a little gremlin, his sleeping sounds are just precious.
He often sleeps with his mouth open, which is just like mommy. Hopefully he won't pick up the trait of the drooling like a fountain while sleeping.
Here's Walker's first bath in the tub, which went much better than we expected. He didn't even cry until the very end. We think he feels much warmer in the real bath than he did with the sponge baths before. You can tell how strong he is here. He is already trying to hold his head up, especially when we try to burp him on our shoulders.
He looks like such an angel when he's sleeping! This picture shows off his cute little elf ear. His right ear is flat to his head (like Dad's) and his left ear sticks out just a little (like Mommy's).
Walker surprisingly sleeps really well in Daddy's lap while he is playing an intense game of Halo. I guess I'll have to deal with two Halo players in the house soon enough.


ginger ivey said...

AWWW....he is just too cute!(i think i say that every time on your blog--but it's true!)...I have baby fever and such a cutie like yours only makes it worse! haha! I'm so glad yall are enjoying the little man new each day! love you guys!

Pops and KK said...

So cute. Great to see new pictures. We think of you often.
Love, Kim and Mark

The Black Family said...

Walker is just beautiful! Thanks for posting pics - we love seeing him change - he has already just in this short time. How are you feeling? Matt looks slightly sleep deprived - it's a great look! :-) It's totally worth it though.

Love you guys!