Saturday, November 1, 2008

May the Force Be with You

Happy Halloween! Even though we could have dressed him up as Luke Skywalker for Halloween, we thought dressing Walker up as Yoda would be hilarious...and it was! He only wore the costume for about 3 minutes, but we got to take a few pics and some video too before he started screaming.
The ears are the funniest part for sure! Here he's trying to figure out what kind of torture Mommy and Daddy are putting him through.
The costume is obviously HUGE on him, but it was worth it just for the pics. Part of the reason for picking Yoda is that my siblings called me "Yoda" when I was a baby because I had big ears and no hair. Luckily, that's not the case with Walker.
This is about 2 seconds before the screaming begins, but at least we got one good family pic in before he was too upset (although he looks more like Yoda when he's screaming because of his furrowed brow).
We had to show you the back because it is so dang funny! I really wanted to dress Mei-mei as Darth Vader and Belle as Princess Leia or a Storm Trooper, but I didn't get to this year. Maybe next year!
Our small group came over for Halloween, which was great fun! Jill dressed Alex (who is 19 months old) up as a farmer and he was adorable. I couldn't get a pic with his straw hat, though, because he didn't wear it for long.


Matt, Melissa, Tyler and Brooke said...

Everyone looks so great - I can't wait to meet this sweet new addition to the Wilbanks family. The grand-Wilbanks RAVE about their new sweet grandson every weekend. I hope we can get together soon - I miss ya Jamie! Always praying for you all!!

ginger ivey said...

haha! HOW CUTE!! definitely the cutest yoda i've ever seen! Hope yall are doing well!