Friday, November 14, 2008

A Visit from Mesfin

We are thrilled that our friend Mesfin came to visit us from Kansas. He is one of our dear friends from Addis who recently moved to the states to live. We and the Lyles invited him to come to Jax for a week and we had a blast hanging out, taking him fishing, showing him the beach and eating Habesha (Ethiopian) food that he made for us. YUM! We also had a little shopping trip to get him some warm clothes since he is going to live in a freezing cold place for the first time. I feel for him living in a place where it snows so much!
A trip to FL wouldn't be complete without a Florida Gators t-shirt--YES! Here are the boys: James, Caleb, Mesfin, Matt and Jackson.
It's so crazy because we never thought we would see Mesfin in Jacksonville. It was so strange--and cool, of course--to have him in our home. We had flashbacks to our apartment in Addis when Mesfin used to come over to give Matt guitar lessons. Mesfin was the administrator at the school where we worked.
The boys went fishing this week (Mesfin's first time), and Matt brought home two big drum.
This was a special day because it was Mesfin and Walker's first time at the beach. Walker slept through the whole experience, but at least he got to see the beach in his first few weeks of life. He's now a true Floridian!
I love Mesfin's response to his first few minutes on the beach. He loved it! He and the kids ran down to the water, despite the fact that it was a bit chilly.
Walker has been so fun this week! He is becoming so expressive. He loves to stretch his arms over his head.
Here's our little naked guy chillin' on his changing table, one of his favorite places to hang out and play. Can you tell how long he is getting?
I can't take enough pics of him sleeping because he just looks so precious! On a side note, he outgrew his newborn clothes this week and I thought I would cry. Some of those pj's are my favorite! He is growing and growing these days.
Here's another BIG stretch!
It is so fun to talk with Walker! He is now smiling and responding to us. Here he's being so talkative (like his momma!) and kicking his legs and waving his arms. It's amazing how quickly they change. We are cherishing every moment.
I had to take this photo of Riley because she was being so cute and sweet at our small group last week. She loves to sit in small chairs to read her books. She saw this chair at our friend's house and immediately ran to it and sat down to read.
Don't be too shocked to see this crazy hairstyle that Matt gave Walker while he was innocently sleeping on his lap. I came to the rescue to comb it down pretty quickly. Poor Walker is going to be tormented his whole life.


Karen said...

I love all his little stretching...he's growing so fast, that he's exhausted and needs to stretch. :) and I LOVE the pic of you two at the beach. which, btw, have you done newborn portraits yet? Jill and I can take some pretty good pics:) lol. Let me know if you're free monday, maybe we can take the babies to the park or something...I'm off on Mondays!

ginger ivey said...

such fun pictures!! I can't believe that Mesfin is living in the states now. Anyway, we should have a phone date soon, now that i got your number from Denae! We had a good time visiting with Chad and Jacob...
Love yall! Walker just gets cuter in each post!