Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's A Big Boy!

Life with the Walk-man is always lots of fun! Okay, there may be times when he wakes up at 3 a.m. that I am not necessarily thinking "fun" in my head, but really life is definitely always interesting. He recently had his 4-month check up and was in the 75 percentile for his height, weight and head size. He's now 14.5 lb and 26 inches and growing. He's a big boy!

He is making more sounds now, like funny little squeals. He also likes to blow bubbles and has become quite the drooler. He's definitely teething, but so far that just means that he tries to gnaw on everything, especially our knuckles. He loves the teething rings that you put in the freezer. And he likes to look at his stuffed animals, grab them, head but them, and then put whatever will fit into his mouth.


The monthly photo shoots are hilarious. This time he was easier to prop up (since he's always trying to sit up by himself), but he kept sliding down and then getting really mad at us. We can't help but laugh when he gets mad because he rolls his bottom lip down and it quivers for a second until the big scream comes out.

His foot is always in his mouth, with or without a sock. Walker likes to make it hard to put his clothes on after bathtime because he loves to eat his little foot!
Daddy and Walk-man love to laugh together.
Here's Walker's new bath seat. We finally found one that helps him sit up in the tub since he recently outgrew his baby bath. He makes this funny face every time he first gets in the tub. Today we had to take two baths because he tinkled all over himself right after he got in the first time. Oh, life with a baby boy! So full of surprises.
Walker really loves bath time! How funny does he look covered in wash cloths? This helps him to stay warm in the tub. One of the downfalls of having a really old (like from 1939) house, is the lack of insulation and old windows. We love our house, but it doesn't stay very warm when it's 26 degrees outside.
We have a baby gate at the entrance of Walker's nursery to keep Belle out. Otherwise, she will literally chew up every toy (and the rug) in site. When we have Walker in the nursery, Belle paces back and forth in front of the gate. She has some serious OCD.
The Walk-man recently learned how to pet Mei-mei. Thank goodness Mei-mei is so sweet. Sadly enough, we haven't had her groomed in a while, so you can't really see her eyes these days.
Walker and I fell asleep while Belle cuddled with us. Notice that I have a bandaid on my hand. Apparently I have some weird infection on my hand. The doctor told me today that she had no clue what it was and just gave me a prescription. Let's hope it's gone in a few days! I love that I didn't have anything weird like that in Ethio...only in Jax, Fl.
He's our little Super Baby! Matt was so excited when his little Superman onesie finally fit him. Now he tries to make him wear it several times a week.
Oh, the ways you know you're a new parent...when you are so exhausted that you prop the bottle up with your hand so you can take a little nap while the little man eats.
Love those big blue eyes...I am still amazed at how precious he is. I'm constantly thanking God for such a sweet boy. I'm also constantly amazed at how much he does NOT look like his mom. Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin...but he's quite the extravert, and that definitely comes from me.
When he isn't sleeping on his back with his arms next to his head, he turns onto his side and sticks his thumb in his mouth. Yep, that's right...he loves to suck his thumb! It's hilarious watching him try to find it. But it's a lifesaver in the middle of the night when he cries out and then finds his thumb and goes right back to sleep.
We love to take Sunday afternoon naps together. Sundays are pretty busy, long days because set up starts early in the morning. After the service, breakdown and lunch, we usually get home around 2 p.m. Then it's nap time! It's one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

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Julie said...

LOVE this post- but love our baby more! can't believe how fast he's growing!
xoxox aunt julie & aunt ashley