Monday, February 2, 2009

Wedding Weekend Fun

January 24th was a very special day for the whole Wilbanks' clan. We celebrated Ashley and Kyle's big day! It was a fabulous weekend. Everything was just perfect. Ashley and Kyle looked absolutely gorgeous and so happy. We had a great time during all of the wedding festivities and having all the family in town. So, if you notice that we don't have any pics of Kyle, it's because I took most of these right before the wedding, and Kyle was hidden away with the guys.

I was able to snap a few quick pics, but the really beautiful photos are on Ashley's wedding photographer's site (click here). Scroll down a little bit until you see Ash and Kyle. Kara is an amazing photographer! She's very creative and a really sweet person. If you know anyone who is getting married soon, we definitely recommend her work.

Ash is so beautiful! She made such a lovely bride. If you know Ashley, you know she wants to make everyone else very comfortable. During the entire weekend, she was constantly checking to make sure we were all doing well. It was her big day, so we made sure she was the one who was comfortable.

The Walk-man made a brief appearance for some shots with Ash before the ceremony. Shortly after he took this cute pic, he started screaming his head off. He did look so cute in his gingham outfit. We had to keep him in a giant bib so he wouldn't ruin it. He actually made it through the whole night, which is amazing since he's usually a fountain.
Ashley definitely looked like the cover of a bridal magazine. Just gorgeous...
The Wilbanks siblings are so cute. We are so blessed to have "built-in best friends," as we call it.
I guess we both clean up pretty well. And Walk-man is always precious. People from church kept saying how surprised they were to see me in heels and a dress...what in the world? I'm such a girly girl! I guess I do wear jeans and flip flops to church every week...but that's what everyone else wears too!
Mom, Dad and the glowing bride
Matt and Ash look great. Even though they don't look exactly alike, I think they definitely resemble and look like siblings.
Here we are at the bridesmaids' luncheon, which was really nice. We had a great lunch at San Jose Country Club, and Ashley lavished us with the sweetest, most unique gifts.
Matt had a little fit because Julie and I had a special party for Ashley at our house. He and Walker weren't there, of course, but the thought of his little sister receiving unmentionables in our house was almost unbearable for him. No worries...he gave her the largest pair of granny panties we could find. The best part of purchasing those giant undies was that Julie and I had to get a price check on them at TJ Maxx. Nice! That was slightly embarrassing.

Jill and Rob are our worship leaders at MWay and they both sang during the ceremony. It was awesome! Jill also did my hair and makeup for the wedding, and I thought she did a great job! She's so creative on many levels.
It was so special getting to see all the cousins. I don't think we had all been together (and we actually weren't all together...we were missing a very important part, Lisa, Pablo and Jackson, who is the newest little one. He was born only a couple weeks after Walker) since Andy and Lindsay's wedding in January of 2007. And even then, none of us had any little ones running around yet. Walker got to meet Leslie and all the other cousins for the first time.
Here's Leslie and Brian's little lady, Kennedy. She's about 18 months old and is the cutest, sweetest thing! She has the biggest personality of any 18-month-old I've ever met. She loved meeting Walker. She even gave him a big kiss on the head. She kept calling him "Jax," which is Lisa's little guy.
Here's Cade with Andy. Cade has changed so much since we saw him in September. He is so tall and is walking around like a crazy man.
Love those beautiful blue eyes! She's already quite the heartbreaker.


Julie said...

let's do this all again....can we??

Jenny and Dan said...

Yay! I can finally comment now that I have a blogger account! :)

The wedding looks like it was such a happy and beautiful event! And I seriously love the picture of the three of you at the top of the blog now. Dan said Walker looks like a Victorian baby. :)

Karen said...

I just have to say that I love the picture of you kissing Walker at the top or your page. what a sweet picture!