Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Season in FL

Wow, we haven't experienced hurricane season in two years, so it's been interesting with all the days where you aren't sure whether work or school is canceled and whether you should be out definitely keeps you guessing.

During Fay (only a tropical storm, not fully a hurricane), we lost power for a while with all the winds and rain, so we hung out at the Wilbanks' for a while. At one point, all of the dogs (our two, plus Janet's and Julie's) needed to go outside for potty time. And of course that would be the time when it was raining like crazy. So Matt was kind enough to volunteer to go out in a poncho (note that it's from Janet and John's trip to Niagara Falls) with each dog individually.

The best part was when we put Livy's (Janet and John's bulldog) raincoat on the other dogs--hysterical! Howard (Julie and Chris' bulldog) was miserable because it was too small for him. Mei-mei (our schnauzer) was terrified because she's never worn a raincoat before, and Belle (our Jack Russell mix) was way too small for it, so she had to settle for a sweater. The whole situation definitely kept us entertained during the storm!

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Julie said...

oh i loved it! i want another lazy rain day with you guys! this time i'll make chris wear the maid of the mist...