Friday, September 19, 2008

Mei-mei's New Look

We waited forever to get Mei-mei groomed this time, and as a result she looked like a small, adorable black ewok from Star Wars. Her eyebrows were so long that she couldn't see past them any more, so we knew it was time to get her cut!
Here she is after her day at the groomer's. She looks about 10 lb. lighter and you can actually see her eyes! But she does look kinda funny now. Her beard is gone and she looks like a boy dog, but she's still cute as ever and the sweetest dog around.
Here she has resumed her favorite place in the house (besides the front window where she barks at families with their strollers walking by and the mailman, of course), the couch. She especially loves to snuggle in between Matt and me when we are both on the couch. She's the best lap dog ever.
Here I am on Sept. 17 (now 39 weeks), the day I was really hoping Walker would arrive! This is me giving him a little pep talk about how much we want to meet him (and how much my knees are hurting these days!). I had a doctor appointment that morning and there was no news to report. The only thing she could tell me was that she wouldn't let me go more than a week past my due date, which would be Oct. 3. We're still hoping he will be here sooner than that, though!

I took this cue from Julie's blog and wanted to include at least one of the beautiful photos from Ashley and Kyle's engagement pics. Aren't they just the cutest?! We are so excited that they are getting married in just four months, on January 24. They have been together since high school (following in the Wilbanks family footsteps) and we are all looking forward to the big day. We hope Walker will get to wear a tiny white tux! It's going to be such a fun and special day for the whole family.This was another funny day this week when Matt was cleaning up the debries leftover from Matt and my dad putting a new roof on our garage. Matt called to have Chris help, but since he was still at work, Julie and Ashley volunteered to come shovel the old shingles. Julie and Ash would do anything for us...we are truly blessed with great sisters! I was laughing so hard because they came over, wearing the cutest little dresses and sandals, and shoveled like little worker bees until they were finished. What good sports! They prove that even the most adorable girly girls can work as hard as construction men any day!

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Julie said...

what a hilarious night! too bad we didn't photograph phase two of the shingle operation which involved shoveling the shingles into a huge dumpster while standing in a truck bed all while still wearing dresses- one of our classier moments, for sure. :)

love you guys! and give walker a message for me- hurry up, buddy! xoxo