Friday, September 5, 2008

More Shower Fun!

We had a "luau" shower with our family, which was really fun! Matt was able to make it to the shower (because there was a special gift waiting for him). Our friends Laura, Maria, Michelle and Becky hosted it for us. These pictures made me realize how HUGE I am getting. :) We have so many cute things for Walker...we are so excited! Today is officially 37 weeks, so he is full term. We're hoping to meet him very soon!

The adorable little girl is my niece, Kirra. She's three and full of so much personality, as you can probably tell. There's also a pic of me and Casey and Laura and all of our sweet hostesses. And Matt is with my niece, Kenzi, and then I'm with Kenzi and Sydney, who are sisters. Syd is only 13 but is way taller than me! I have a feeling several of my nieces are going to outgrow me soon. It's so cool because they are all so excited about Walker. Kirra is always asking, "When you baby get out?" She thought the shower meant he was coming that day, which cracked us up!

We now have some pics from our first shower (on Aug. 7), which was given by our dear friends at Southside, Gwen, Cindy and Sandy. It was so nice to see so many friends we had not had a chance to reconnect with yet. We had a great time being with everyone! At this point, I was still looking very pregnant but cute (without all the swelling!!).

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