Saturday, September 13, 2008

One Fish Two Fish

We are so excited that the nursery is pretty much complete. Our families have really blessed us by helping us to get the furniture and get everything ready...we just love it! This week our little green rug finally arrived and it looks great.

We decided to include Matthew 4:19, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men," above the crib. It's definitely our prayer for Walker, that we will be good examples for him, that we can guide him to follow Christ in his life, and that he will be faithful to share Christ's love with others too. It's scary to think that we are going to be responsible for rearing another little person and teaching him about his heavenly Father and the importance of having a relationship with Christ. WOW!

I already love to go and sit in the nursery to read or just relax in the is serioulsy the most comfortable seat in the house!

We love this little sailboat painting that Ashley gave us for the nursery--it's adorable and the colors are perfect for the room. My sister, Wendi, painted the waves and the fish (and I helped!) and got us the "WOW" initials for the cute!

Everything is ready...we have about 1,228 diapers, hundreds of wipes, and lots of tiny, adorable outfits waiting. And we are, of course, SO all we need is for little Walker to come out to meet us!


AWaddill said...

I keep checking the blog waiting for the big announcement!
The Nursery is adorable. I have been thinking about you and Matt... you are so close now!
Love the Preggers pics too.

Julie said...

LOVE the rug! The room is perfect, just missing one thing- Come on, Walker!